• Mindfulness practices for constipation

    1 month ago

      How can mindfulness help reduce stress and support gut health? The development of constipation is multifactorial in that it has been linked with genetic predisposition, low fibre diet, dysbiosis, lack of fluid intake, side effects of medications, lack of exercise, chronic stress, and hormone imbalance. Mindfulness addresses the psychosocial practices (cognitive and emotional) that could be contributing to your constipation. Mindfulness training has been shown to have a therapeutic effect on IBS related symptoms which includes constipation by reducing stress. Psychological factors can certainly influence gut activity and contribute to or exacerbate bowel symptoms such as constipation. In a study published in the journal Gastroenterology and Hepatology, mindfulness-based thera

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  • Happy Gut, Happy Summer

    3 months ago

      Vitamin D and Gut health  Research by the government’s scientific advisory committee on nutrition (SACN) into vitamin D and health has found that one in five people are gett

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  • Spring Cleanse for Constipation

    6 months ago

    Spring is a time for cleansing and restoring our body, mind, and spirit, and supporting our digestion during this time can be a great place to start your 'Spring clean'!  If you are feeling fatigued and suffering from sluggish digestion with symptoms such as constipation, bloating, or flatulence, it may be be beneficial to start implementing some gentle cleansing practices in to your lifestyle.  It has certainly been an unseasonable start to Spring, with March being colder than February, and the recent mini heatwave now a distant memory, but at least Mother Nature seems to be getting on board now; the plants are blooming and so too can you with a few simple nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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  • The Benefits of Chia Seeds

    8 months ago


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  • Constipation and Your Emotional Landscape

    10 months ago


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