Remedies for Constipation

If you're suffering from constipation, finding a remedy that works is often a laborious task. In particular if you're pregnant or already taking medication, finding a product that you can safely take can be difficult. In this collection of articles we discuss and explore various remedies that are available to you, ranging from laxatives to herbal remedies and probiotics.

  • Natural Remedies For Constipation

    Many people seek natural remedies to treat constipation, rather than rely on laxatives, which often have unwanted side-effects like wind, cramps and discomfort. Herbal remedies and probiotic supplements are some of the products you can use to get back on track naturally.

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  • Benefits of Probiotics & Prebiotics

    Probiotic supplements are a natural and effective alternative to laxatives. In this article we explore what probiotics and prebiotics are and why they are so beneficial for you.

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  • Do Laxatives Work?

    The cause of constipation isn’t always obvious, especially when it’s mild and resolves itself within a few days. Many people rely on laxatives, home remedies and herbs to treat occasional constipation. In this article we delve into the details of what laxatives are and what you could use instead.

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